Looks like Blizzard’s “Diablo 3” game has no sign of stopping as a new patch is coming out that adds new content for the game. Blizzard just revealed information for their upcoming 2.4.1 patch.

According to the new blog post at the “Diablo 3” website, version 2.4.1 promises to add more items in Diablo 3. New items include new wings for cosmetics and new pets that will follow players around in their adventures.

A new monster will be introduced as well. This new type of goblin, similar to those treasure goblins, drops certain items when killed. However, this time, it will drop new pets, a young boy, a hand, and a bipedal goat man. These goblins will drop these items with 100  percent chance as long as players have not owned them.

Aside from the new monster, there is also a new set of Transmogrification items for players to collect. Players can acquire them by slaying monsters and opening rare chests around the world of Sanctuary. These can also be found in bounties in the Adventure mode or from Rift Guardians.

In addition, there are also new cosmetic items to acquire as rewards. They can be acquired by completing certain challenges that are difficult, and the rewards may vary from new wings and bizarre items such as a rainbow back costume and a new portrait.

Aside from new items, there are also some fixes and balance tweaks in Diablo 3 as well as some resolved issues.

The 2.4.1 patch is currently on the test servers for finalisation, but expect to see the newest patch soon as Blizzard has already provided the full patch notes for the upcoming update. You can start reading it at the official “Diablo 3” website.