Devious Maids season 4 just ended on August 8 with its 10th episode titled as Grime and Punishment. The episode has left the viewers to ponder at many cliff-hanger moments.  While the channel and show-runners have hinted at the show’s renewal for a fifth season, we can speculate what could be the highlighters in Devious Maids season 5.

According to executive producer Sabrina Wind, Devious Maids season 5 will carry forward the stories of the last season. At the same time, there will be all new twists and turns in the plot to keep viewers tuned in.  Among the most intriguing subjects of the last season of this television comedy-drama, Marisol Suarez’s kidnapping is a major one. Now our minds quickly wonder will the approaching season unmask Marisol’s kidnapper?

Marisol (played by Ana Ortiz) was most likely abducted on the day of her wedding to Peter Hudson. Devious Maids season 5 will delve into the theory and find out new hints. Who could be the kidnapper? Here are some guesses.

Jesse: Played by Nathan Owens, this character is the former love interest of Marisol. In Devious Maids season 4, we saw Marisol already ended her relationship with him. Still, they couldn’t stop being intimate with each other.  Despite being committed to a new relationship with Peter, Marisol was unable to control things.  But in due course, Jesse found out about her new man. Will that drive him to take such a drastic step?  If he is obsessed with Marisol’s presence in his life, then it wouldn’t be surprising to see him as the kidnapper.

Genevieve Delatour:  Played by Susan Lucci she is one of the mainstays of Devious Maids. Genevieve is a rich, emotionally unstable who has survived off her looks, marrying many rich men and living a life of luxury. Devious Maids season 4 showed an established relationship with her with Peter.  Peter’s complicated new affair was not an easy thing for her to take in.  So is it her who kidnapped Marisol on her wedding day just to  keep her away from Peter’s life?

Peter Hudson:  Played by James Denton, Peter is a big-time Hollywood producer who fell in love with Marisol. However, this relationship quickly hit a hurdle due to Genevieve. Although the chance of Peter being the kidnapper is dim, he could have done it to have a clear conscience.

These are only speculations since there is no revelation about the actual culprit. Speaking to TVLine, Wind made it clear that Marisol’s kidnapping is meant to be the starting-off point for everything.

In her words: “It will launch us into the new season. We have many thoughts on what it all means, but we have to wait to talk to Lifetime about them. It will be a completely new story.”

We hope that Devious Maids season 5 will resolve the mystery in a more shocking way. It could have been someone we have never doubted about.

More updates on Devious Maids season 5 will be available here. So stay tuned.