Your Apple watch may take an hour boot up, and for those a user has posted a video on how to install Windows 95 on an Apple Watch.

A Developer named Nick Lee posted a video of YouTube yesterday which showed how it Apple Watch works if Windows 95 is installed. Certainly, it would run little sluggish but it seems to be more functional than anyone could expect.

In a blog post-Lee has stated that the Apple Watch specs are well advanced to run Windows 95. So it makes sense that it is capable of running Microsoft’s old OS. It is sure that a few hurdles will have to be faced to get past at first and the fact that Apple does not allow installing the new operating system on the watch.

In order to run Windows 95, Lee had to change the development software of Apple in “rather unorthodox ways,” he tells The Verge. Doing this it let him change Windows 95 into a Watch app. Moreover, it also facilitated an environment for the OS to run on.

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He had also stated in the video that Apple Watch screen turns off when it is not in use. To overcome the hurdle, Lee had set up a motorized tube which constantly turns the Watch’s crown. This would prevent it from falling asleep.

Although the outcome was a sluggish experience but impressively functional. He had also managed to turn the Watch’s software to detect the single fingertip to move the mouse pointer by taping where he wants to go.

Through his post, you can learn his tricks on how to do it.

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For some reason, developers are too much interested in including classic games and apps on a platform that they are not meant to run on.

Similarly, we also saw that a developer of Facebook installed Doom on an Apple Watch.