Kiefer Sutherland is back! He may probably save the world again in his new TV series Designated Survivor.

Sutherland was last seen as Jack Bauer in 2014 in Fox’s miniseries 24: Live Another Day.  The award-winning show is set to return on TV with a new title, 24: Legacy, but Sutherland will not be on it. Corey Hawkins will be the lead star in the 24 reboot.

Sutherland also starred as Martin Bohm in the Fox drama Touch, which was cancelled in 2013 after two seasons.

Here are the things you have to know about Designated Survivor before you tune in to it every Wednesday night.

Why did Sutherland choose Designated Survivor?

Sutherland revealed it was because of its excellent story. The actor admitted that he has no plans of coming back on TV. However, he got connected to the lead character, Tom Kirkland, when he read the script.

Designated Survivor has a political plot

The ABC new series focuses on the life of a low-ranking cabinet member, Tom Kirkland, who was sworn as United States president following an act of terrorism. The sitting US president died from the attack and everyone below him in the chain of succession.

It is a mix of several TV shows

Executive producer Jon Harmon Feldman admitted the show is a combination of The West Wing, Homeland and House of Cards. 

Feldman said there is The West Wing component on how Kirland governs in such a critical time. The show’s investigation of conspiracy can be compared to Homeland. The House of Cards component, on the other hand, focuses on the characters and on how President Kirkland learns the business of government.

Designated Survivor is not 24

Although there is a terrorism storyline, the ABS show will not be as violent as Sutherland’s 24.

Reality vs fiction

Thus far, no cabinet member in the history of the United States has sat in the highest office by succession. The nearest comparison is Gerald Ford, who assumed the presidency when Richard Nixon was forced to resign, Fox News noted.

Does Jack Bauer think Tom Kirkland can do the job?

Sutherland believes so. The actor thinks Jack Bauer would trust Kirkland considering the conviction and moral compass he has shown in 24.

Designated Survivor will premiere on September 21 on ABC.