Who is Song Hye Kyo?  Below, we round up 8 facts you should know about this “Descendants of the Sun” star.

1. Is she dating her current co-star, Song Joong Ki? 

According to Soompi, the show’s director of photography earlier denied the dating rumours. “The two of them are close friends…but they’re more like work colleagues than girlfriend and boyfriend,” Kim Si Hyung said. “When the rumours started spreading, I didn’t believe them…Of course they might do things that make it appear that way, but the staff all knew that it wasn’t true.”

2. Her on-screen love still admires her a lot. 

They might not be dating in real life. But, according to Yibada, Joong Ki still has a lot of respect for Song Hye Kyo as an actress. “She helped me a lot. She’s a sunbae [superior] that I can never catch up to, I thought her reputation was well-deserved,” he said. “Her personality is very confident… [And] that is also something I should learn from her as a hoobae [junior].”

3. She’s a “real Hallyu star.”

According to Yibada, Joong Ki thinks she’s the “real star” of “Descendants of the Sun.”

4. She has been appearing on Korean shows since 1996.

Most fans of “Descendants of the Sun” outside Korea may have only heard of her now. But she has had two decades of TV experience so far.

5. She was once Rain’s leading lady.

According to Drama Fever, she once starred opposite K-Pop superstar Rain in “Full House.”

6. She was one of the stars of “Endless Love.”

She appeared in “Autumn in My Heart” in 2000.

7. She has a slew of endorsements under her belt.

She has been a spokesperson for Laneige, Levi’s, and McDonalds.

8. She is down to earth.

Despite her many successes, Joong Ki thinks she is still “very respectful of the people around her.”