Fans are still not over Descendants of the Sun. The 16-episode South Korean drama series swept Asia and the rest of the world with the heartwarming romantic story between United Nations Peace Corps soldier Yoo Shi-jin and doctor Kang Mo-yeon. In response to the massive public demand, it appears network heads are in negotiations for a potential season 2 run.

KBS drama department head Jung Sung-ho revealed that the network is planning to launch a Descendants of the Sun project in 2017 as a way of repaying viewers for their support.

“KBS will strive to produce a second Descendants of the Sun to meet expectations and repay viewers,” Jung, as quoted by Soompi. “We plan to launch a Descendants of the Sun project for broadcast in 2017 through negotiations with the cast and production team.”

Jung, however, clarified that the network plans to develop a television project that will match, if not exceed, the sky-high popularity of Descendants of the Sun. There was no confirmation if DOTS writer Kim Eun-sok is onboard the project or if the story will follow the soldier storyline.

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Kim Eun-sok previously said she does not have any plans of making a sequel. Perhaps she would come out with something similar in the future.

The Descendants of the Sun 2017 project will proceed with the help of cast and crew members who are willing to commit to it. They are still in the initial stage of building the foundation of the project.

But there’s one actor who already expressed his desire to take part in future DOTS projects. Jin Goo, who played Seo Dae-young in the series, is willing to film another round of Descendants of the Sun or even a spin-off with onscreen lady love Kim Ji-won.

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“If the viewers would allow it, I’d be very thankful,” Jin Goo said, according to Soompi. He added that he has never worked on a prequel in his 14 years of acting, so the thought of it really excites him.