The “Descendants of the Sun” finale raised fears among its many fans. The outpour of concern prompted writer Kim Eun Sook to share insights into its likely ending.

The writer guested on KBS1 radio’s “Hello This Is Hong Ji Myung,” Soompi reported. Kim spoke about the rumours circulating online about the ending of “DoTS.” She noted a particular rumour that said Yoo Shi Jin dreamt everything up.

In response, Kim remarked that she would likely have to move abroad if she indeed ended it that way. She recalled how viewers did not favour the ending of her other dramas in the past. Hence, she admits she learned a lesson from it.

“I’ve been scolded a lot by viewers regarding my endings. I don’t think I will be making the same mistake again and I want to tell viewers to confirm the ending after watching the live broadcast,” Kim said. Her statement would imply the ending for “Descendants of the Sun” would be acceptable to its viewers.

The final episode finally aired. Fans are happy and are already asking for Season 2.

In the end, Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin reunite after a year, Fashion & Style reported. Kang Mo Yeon thought Yoo Shi Jin had died and for a moment, she thought she was seeing a ghost. The show also reunited Seo Dae Young with Yoon Myung Joo. The couple intends to get married, the publication revealed.

The happy couples attended the wedding of their friend, Daniel. However, their merriment was cut short by news of a nearby disaster. “The vacation is over,” everyone said. It’s back to work rescuing civilians.

Twitter reactions all point to a demand for Season 2.

Viewership ratings of the final episode of “Descendants of the Sun” reached 38.8 percent, Hancinema reported. Nielsen Korea noted an increase of 4.0 percent that set a new record.