Song Hye-kyo is a vision on her own.

The 34-year-old actress is undoubtedly one of South Korea’s biggest superstars. But even with her popularity, which more than doubled after she appeared in the now highest-rating drama Descendants of the Sun, Song Hye-kyo admits she’s just like any other woman in her thirties.

“I cry if something bad happens, I grab a drink with friends when I get stressed out, I travel, I sometimes lash out at my closest friends,” Song told The Korea Herald. The only difference is that she’s a celebrity and that she has to present herself to the world.

Like most women in their thirties, Song Hye-kyo is not a stranger to the conversation on marriage. She revealed that she’s quite indecisive as to the prospect of settling down. To Song, it’s a constant push and pull. “Sometimes I think, ‘I need to get married soon.’ Other days I think, ‘Why get married?’” She explained that she enjoys being single especially since she can travel without needing anyone’s permission.

Marriage is something she and co-star Song Joong-ki gets asked about a lot. While marriage was a possibility for their characters, it’s not the same in real life. What’s true in reality, however, is that Song Hye-kyo was actually quite taken with Song Joong-ki’s Captain Yoo Shi-jin in real life as well.

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“Song Joong-ki played his role so attractively, which even made my heart flutter,” Song Hye-kyo told Korea Times. The actress narrated that when she watched the drama, she fell for Captain Yoo’s charm as a viewer.

Song Hye-kyo had nothing but praises for her leading man whom she described as sincere and well-mannered.

“I thought I found many things to learn from him. He did his job perfectly in the drama, and he is such a great person,” Song Hye-kyo said. Moreover, Song Hye-kyo put the dating rumors to rest, saying Song Joong-ki is a “younger brother-like friend.”

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To the crew members of Descendants of the Sun, the onscreen couple did terrific with their jobs. To be particular, one of their particular kissing scenes took around 100 takes because both of them “wanted to make a more perfect scene,” Soompi reports.

In a way, Song Hye-kyo has something women in their thirties will never have in their lifetime: the chance to kiss Song Joong-ki.

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The award-winning actress has a prolific acting career. When asked what kind of project she wants to do next, she simply stated that she wants to continuously evolve with her upcoming roles.

Even before Descendants of the Sun made her one of the most beautiful TV doctors in history, she was already one of South Korea’s most influential and recognisable Hallyu stars. But in nearly two decades of her career, not much has changed except that she has grown more beautiful inside and out.