“Descendants of the Sun” actress Song Hye-Kyo’s luxurious home in the Big Apple is now on the news.  Is that dropping hints on a new Hollywood film starring Hye-Kyo?

The luxurious home in the most fast-paced city of New York earned the actress a name among stars who have been successful in real estate investments abroad. On June 20, tvN’s “The List 2016” marked Hye-Kyo in the ninth position on the list.

Time and again, we have seen celebs indulging in various passions. While a few love to splurge on high-end clothes and accessories, there are some who prefer to spend on swanky properties to fulfill their dream abodes. Song Hye-Kyo falls in the latter category.

In 2009, the beautiful South Korean starlet was seen acquiring the condo while filming in the United States for indie film “Make Yourself At Home” (formerly known as “Fetish”), reports Soompi.

The TV program revealed that Song Hye Kyo’s New York City home is a lavish condo that oversees Central Park. The current value of that property is almost one billion Won (approximately AU$ 1157555.03) since she purchased it eight years ago. The program confirmed that the renting price of Song Hye Kyo’s place is currently 7.7 million won (approximately AU$ 8913.17) per month.

Since the home had its connection with the star’s past Hollywood involvement, will it be right to speculate that there is one more project on the cards right now?

Going by her fancy for accommodations and rising popularity, it won’t be wrong to guess that the 34-year-old has bagged another Hollywood project and probably a much bigger one.

In the past, the world has witnessed many Asian stars making their way to Hollywood.  No doubt the burgeoning success has put Song Hye-Kyo up on a pedestal and it won’t be surprising if we see her as one of the Hollywood major leads in the near future. The news of her plush property might just be a hint on that.

Note, though, that these are only speculations without a trace.

Still, do you think the “Descendants of the Sun” actress would make a good career in Hollywood?