“Descendants of the Sun” Season 2 would be inevitable following the success of the first season. Fans anticipate its follow-up after the happy reunion of Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon. However, plans for the sequel remain unclear due to casting problems.

Kim Ji-won and Jin Goo, who portrayed the dreamy couple on “Descendants of the Sun,” have signed up for another show, AsiaOne reported. Dubbed as the “Goo-Won,” the pair will appear on the SBS variety show “Running Man.” The show premieres on May 1.

“Kim Ji-won and Jin Goo will participate in the filming of the programme scheduled on Monday,” the publication said, citing insider news revealed on TV Report. The onscreen couple was recently seen at a hotpot restaurant. Hence, it’s fuelled rumours that they are dating in real life.

“Descendants of the Sun” producer Lee Eung Bok earlier said that the prospect of Season 2 is difficult, though it would be nice. Nevertheless, the clamour for a second season might have been too much to ignore. KBS Drama Department Head Jung Sung-hyo just revealed that negotiations are underway for the sequel but nothing is final yet, the Vine Report wrote. They’re still trying to get everyone on board and that includes Kim Eun-sook as well as the original cast.

“We can’t say they are in for certain because actors don’t make such decisions until they read the script,” Jung said.

However, the publication noted a trend among KBS sequels that often feature a different cast for their hit dramas. Hence, it might use only the theme core of “Descendants of the Sun” then create a different show altogether. The Vine Report cited “IRIS” and “Dream High” as examples.

Soompi sought to clarify the issue and the answer might not be satisfactory to fans of this year’s top Korean novella. Jung acknowledged the show’s co-writer Kim Eun Sook’s earlier verdict that “a season two is too heavy a burden.” Hence, they’re deliberating about the plot.

“We have to keep discussing whether it will be a story of a soldier or not. ‘Descendants of the Sun’ was this year’s top drama and greatly contributed to the Hallyu wave, and we mean that we wish to work on a project that will follow it closely. For the time being, we plan to proceed with a variety of projects with a 2017 broadcast goal,” Jung stated.