The Derrick Rose rape case has taken yet another grim turn. A detective who was assigned to the case has been found dead in Los Angeles due to an apparent suicide. No connection has been made to the NBA star’s case been confirmed so far.

CNN broke the news on Thursday that veteran cop Nadine Hernandez of the Los Angeles Police Department was found dead in her home. She suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest. The officer was found inside her home in Whittier, California with no signs of an intrusion.

A family member called 911 to report the incident. A firearm was found at the scene but it has not been confirmed if this is Hernandez’ police issues service firearm. Evidence has reportedly been found which indicate that the death was a suicide.  

“Detective Hernandez was among several detectives working on the Derrick Rose case at the time of her death. At this point there is no indication that her case work had any connection to her death. The Rose investigation will continue unimpeded,” read a statement shared by the LAPD.

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The detective’s death came just days after Derrick Rose stood trial for the a gang rape case that Hernandez was investigating. The incident allegedly occurred back in August 2013 also in Los Angeles. Rose and two of his friends have been accused of having sexual relations with an intoxicated and unconscious woman identified only as Jane Doe.

The New York Knicks star claims that while the sexual encounters did take place, it was all consensual and she was fully conscious. He and Jane Doe have apparently been having a non-exclusive sexual relationship for nearly two years before the incident took place. Rose also claims that he suspected that she will set him up for rape just after the incident took place.