Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have been friends for quite awhile even though she used to date his brother, Joe. The duo was reunited in the latest episode of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” and they ended up revealing some shocking secrets.

They cannot help but recall that Lovato and Joe were a thing, but on the other hand, the 23-year old brunette exclaimed that Nick almost dated “everyone,” as noted by CBS. The Albuquerque native also revealed that he dated Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

“It was Cyrus-Gomez-Cyrus-Gomez, and then I don’t know what else happened,” Lovato broadcasted. Then, Corden reportedly brought up the “purity ring” thing when they were still talents of Disney, in which both of the artists said that it was just “a thing in the past.”

After that, the trio indulged singing to the tune of her song “Heart Attack” and his single “Chains.” Watch the full “Carpool Karaoke” video below:

Demi Lovato was dragged in previous controversies like having a feud with Taylor Swift. The “Confident” singer supports Kesha after she lost the lawsuit battle against her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke.

Since the incident, Lovato has reportedly been throwing shade at the “Bad Blood” singer for not voicing out her thoughts about the rape issue, amidst Swift’s claims that she is a “feminist.”

More than that, the brunette singer also supported her BFF Iggy Azalea after her alleged split with Nick Young months ago. As per Hollywood Life report, she acted like some sort of a “guardian” angel to her beloved friend.

“Demi has been an angel through all of this and not getting into it unless Iggy wants to talk about it. Demi has made it clear that she is there for her through thick and thin no matter what,” an insider revealed.

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas is rumoured to be dating Kate Hudson, according to Pop Sugar.