The road to getting sober wasn’t an easy one for Demi Lovato. When the singer hit the lowest point of her drug addiction, she couldn’t go more than “an hour” without cocaine, as she revealed in a new interview.

Demi Lovato battled alcohol and drug abuse as a teenager and in a candid new interview with Refinery29, Demi Lovato revealed how she would ignore her parents’ best attempts to keep her grounded.

“Prior to getting sober, I was one of those people who was like, I don’t give a f**k, whatever. And I used that as an excuse to do whatever I wanted,” Demi Lovato shared.

“I was a nightmare to work with.” She confessed to the site that her addiction got so bad, she couldn’t go “an hour” without cocaine.

Demi Lovato celebrated four years of sobriety earlier this year, but her efforts to change her lifestyle and behaviour haven’t come easy.

“I had to learn the hard way that I can’t do parties anymore,” she continued. “Some people can go out and not be triggered, but that’s not the case for me.”

Even when her parents or members of her team would try to step in to help Demi, she said she would not hear any of it. “‘Try to ground me — I pay your bills,’” the singer recalls.

TMZ previously reported that things finally came to a breaking point when Demi Lovato infamously punched a dancer, Alex Welch, on the Camp Rock 2 tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010. Her poor behaviour landed her in rehab for three months.

Demi Lovato prides herself on being honest about her past demons with her loved ones and loyal fans, adding: “I’d rather live my life free and open than closed off, where people like me for something that I’m not.”