Paedophilia or preying on children for sex is becoming a rampant social problem.  The unlimited desire for sex, particularly for children, is a social menace. More so because paedophiles are driven by unchecked sexual fantasies and wild arousal. But there’s a good news for everyone, a drug is on the way and it can cure compulsive paedophilia.

According to medical sources, the $1,415 per annum drug, Degarelix, can stop the secretion of the sex hormone testosterone and cut wild urges. The current trial of the drug at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet is targeting 60 non-convicted paedophiles.  Researchers are optimistic that the prostate cancer drug they are testing would prevent paedophiles from ‘acting on urges’.

A report in the Daily Mail explains the procedure and notes that testosterone is responsible for high sexual desire. Sex offenders are spurred by sexual arousal and display diminished self-control with little or no sympathy to the victims.   The drug works by acting on the serum testosterone present in the blood to curb urges that propel attack on innocent children.

During the trial phase, half of the subjects will be injected with the drug Degarelix while the remaining volunteers will get a ‘dummy’ drug. The drug will be administered for three days to eliminate the testosterone flowing in their veins. The testosterone levels will be restored after three months.

“The goal is to establish a preventive treatment programme for men with a paedophilia disorder that is both effective and tolerable so that we can prevent child sexual abuse from happening in the first place,” psychiatrist Christoffer Rahm said.

Welcoming the drug trial, Professor Donald Grubin, a forensic psychiatrist at the University of Newcastle, said: “Typically we come in after an offence has been committed, and we try to pick up the pieces. It would be great if we could do something before that.”

In a report, i4U noted that the measures to end the “Lolita Syndrome” is getting a good response as the society is seeing it as a moral hazard that can destroy the very fabric of society. It also mentioned that child welfare and sexual abuse prevention organisations are contributing to the funds for this anti-paedophilia research.