The legal authorities seem to force the Australian Government to initiate the end of the death penalty worldwide. Australia has already put an end to the same around 50 years ago when the last man was hanged till death in the nation. February 3rd marks the 50th anniversary of the last man hanged in Australia.

The Law Council has called for banning death penalty overseas. The call has come after seeing Australians being hanged till death by the governments of other nations. The council has requested the federal government to go through the recommendations put forth by a joint parliamentary committee and act on them accordingly. The recommendations are concerned with the end of the penalty and have been jotted down in 2016.

Ronald Joseph Ryan was a robber and had a long criminal record. It was February 3, 1967, when he was hanged. He had to face death penalty over murdering prison warden George Hodson when he escaped Pentridge Jail. After the death of Ryan, the nation imposed a ban on death penalty. Since the imposition of the ban, Australia witnessed six of its men being sentenced to death by other governments.

Law Council of Australia President Fiona McLeod said that the Australian Federal Police had to shoulder some of the blame. She added that the government has already tried to implement the ban on death penalty worldwide. “It’s really not fair on individual police officers to give them the judgment call to expose an individual to death,” McLeod said. “So what we’re doing is urging the Government to act on the recommendations of a joint parliamentary report, called A World without the Death Penalty, and to implement those recommendations with speed and with gusto,” she added.

Bali Nine Members Expected to be Last Australian Victims of Death Penalty Overseas

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed in April 2015. They were the members of Bali None group, the name given to the group of nine Australians arrested for heroin smuggling from Indonesia to Australia. Barrister Julian McMahon represented the case of the two Bali Nine members.  “When we lost that case, everyone involved — the lawyers, journalists who were closely watching events, and of course government officials who had worked incredibly hard over years — were all deeply affected.”

The barrister wishes Chan and Sukumaran to be the last Australians to have faced death penalty overseas. BBC mentioned that Queensland was the first state in the nation to ban the penalty in 1922. Victoria and New South Wales followed the banning of the death sentence in 1975 and 1985 respectively.

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