Did Deadpool just reveal his “Captain America: Civil War” side? Well, Iron Man isn’t the one happy about it. At least, so it seems from the conversation between Marvel Superheroes Deadpool, Captain America, and Iron Man.

As per the Refinery29, Deadpool has started making “Superhero” friends. But don’t worry, Iron Man is there to “break it all up”. That is the best thing you get to see on twitter today. A “Love Fest” among Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr.

The movie Deadpool has taken the Box Office by a storm. The first weekend box office collections amounted to US$150 million (AU$ 209.40 million). The success has been such that Tim Miller’s directorial debut is breaking records in the theatres. With a film like that, which not only promoted itself through funny marketing campaign but also included “TV Spots” and spoofs, nothing goes unnoticed.

As per the Screenrant, Fox and the Marvel Studios are all up for praises but what makes things interesting is when your fellow marvel mates starts applauding your work.

The source quotes, “Chris Evans took Twitter to praise Ryan Reynolds’ performance as the Merc with a mouth, but things got interesting when Reynolds chose a side for the conflict in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, prompting Robert Downey Jr. to give him a heads up on Steve Rogers’ good manners.”

“Wow…..Deadpool was AWESOME! Well done [Ryan Reynolds],” Evans tweeted on Saturday.

While Deadpool won’t show up for the upcoming “Captain America” venture, he eventually chose his side. And yes, the mercenary chose Captain America.

And the opposite side didn’t remain quite. Robert Downey Jr., the leader himself took to twitter to influence the “Merc with a mouth” to take his side. But, you know what, Deadpool “can’t be trusted”.

Marvel fans must be drooling over the new bonding and the friendship is likely to stay.