The upcoming Marvel film “Deadpool” has released a new movie poster which teased the fictional antihero’s “great ass.” Avid fans of Marvel should look forward to it because according to the producer, the movie is “radical.”

Marvel posted the film’s movie poster on its official Twitter account with the caption, “#Deadpool gets cheeky for his international poster.”

Mr. Wilson is featured wearing his costume in a full body shot. Twitter users who saw the poster commented that Deadpool is sexy and has a 100% great ass. Twitter user @IvMathers even mentioned that “the movie’s gonna be a game changer.”

Just take a look at this bold, brash poster below.

According to Screen Rant, there’s nothing else on the poster which left fans to “long for something more substantial from their hammy hero.”

After the movie trailer was previewed at the recent San Diego Comic Con, fans have longed to get more updates and news on “Deadpool.” Luckily, its film producer dropped a few hints on the upcoming Marvel film.

Speaking to Collider, “Deadpool” producer Simon Kinberg said,

“It’s radical. It’s radical in tone, it’s radical in form, it’s radical in the level of violence. It’s just a different movie, not just from other comic book movies but I think from any other action movie that’s out there right now.”

Kinberg told the site that actor Ryan Reynolds perfectly suited the Marvel character. He mentioned that Reynolds was so natural in portraying Deadpool.

“It’s one of the reasons why he creates so many of those viral pieces, because I think he has so much fun being Deadpool that he’s Deadpool on and off set,” he added.

After the movie poster has been released, it looks like fans will only have to wait a few more days to get a glimpse of the movie trailer. Kinberg teased that the new movie trailer will arrive this month.

“Deadpool” will hit theatres on February 12, 2016.