A sequel for yet-to-be released “Deadpool” is already on the table, it seems.  Although the Marvel movie is not due until February 2016, the executives behind the production are already feeling the fans’ craving for more of the cheeky character.

Writer/producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that the idea of “Deadpool 2” has already been considered.

“There is conversation about what the idea would be and perhaps which characters we would bring in to a sequel,” Kinberg told Collider.

“Our focus, like all of us, is on finishing the film, so I think as soon as we finish the film we’ll be talking seriously about the sequel and then we’ll wait a couple months and see how the movie does. Hopefully the movie will do great and we can keep making these movies, because I do think there’s a lot more story to tell,” he added.

According to Screen Crush, “Deadpool 2” could take over the now vacated June 9th, 2017 release date that Fox had previously reserved for “Fantastic Four 2.”

Kinberg also admitted that Deadpool’s “sexuality” is another factor why the comic character is so popular. Although the superhero’s sexuality was not explore in depth in the movie, it was “alluded to” according to the producer.

“The character, as you know, identifies as pansexual in the comics, and while we don’t explore it in depth in this film, it’s definitely alluded to. Mainly in this movie we cover his love story with Vanessa from the comics, but it’s certainly something that we could go deeper into in future movies.”

Meanwhile, a new “Deapool” poster has been unveiled, while its latest trailer is expected to be released before the year end.

Kimberg earlier assured fans that the upcoming trailer will make fans very happy.

Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson, previously made hilarious videos that featured the Marvel character. The actor recently shared a footage of his Halloween squad, which was composed of a group of kids in “X:Men” costumes.

The movie also stars T.J. Miller,  Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand.

“Deadpool” will be released in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.