Who is Mistress Death?  Was Deadpool ‘s “greatest love” hiding in plain sight all along?

Spoiler alert! In “Deadpool,” Wade Wilson is shown in a relationship with a girl named Vanessa. According to Movie Pilot, Wade’s relationship with Vanessa is  the”only negative comment” the film received. In the movie, he went to “great lengths just to keep her happy and to win her back.” However, “hardcore Deadpool fans were quite alarmed that Wade…would go through all of that work just for [Vanessa].” This is because, in the comics, Vanessa and Wade only had a “brief relationship.”

The Merc with a mouth’s greatest love is not Vanessa. It is Mistress Death. Movie Pilot proffers an interesting explanation for this discrepancy.

“It is definitely a strong possibility that Vanessa is Mistress Death in Deadpool…and Wade simply just does not know it yet,” Movie Pilot suggested. The site listed four clues that support their theory: Wade runs into her the day he was predicted to die. He gets a fatal disease on the day he proposes to her. She seemed “very angry” when she found out he was still alive. And she was able to survive a fall that would have killed her if she had been human.

Fans weren’t all on board with this theory, though. In the comic books, Vanessa becomes the super-mercenary Copy Cat after her break up with Wade. Fans can’t accept that Vanessa will suddenly become Mistress Death. Movie Pilot admits that “it is not a fact that Vanessa is supposed to be Mistress Death.”

According to Marvel, Mistress Death is the “embodiment of death.” She “seemed to take a fascination with” the Merc. She even appeared to him on several occasions “in the context of a somewhat romantic nature.”

“Deadpool” had the biggest R-rated opening ever and according to Cinema Blend, a sequel is in the works.