The Deadpool 2 movie had its ups and downs earlier this year. The resignation of Tim Miller led to the slow progress of the production.

Actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed that he is returning to the sequel, and the production is going on a fast pace. Now, fans could expect Deadpool next year as the movie has its new director David Leitch. Game N Guide reports that despite struggles, fans could still expect the same quality as the first installment.

With  Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick as the writers, the sequel will have the same hype as the previous one. When Fox announced that the movie has a new director, fans were hopeful about the movie’s progress. However, fans also wished that Leitch and Reynolds will get along.

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Miller has left the show because of creative differences with Reynolds. Apparently, after the success of the first installment, lead star Reynolds wanted to impart a more stylish vibe on Deadpool 2. Reports state that the original budget for the movie is $58 million. However, due to the actor’s demands, the budget will rise up to three times.

This resulted in the resignation of Miller from the movie. However, it seems that the struggles of the movie has ended since Leitch joined the franchise. Hence, it’s good news for fans because the movie will push through.

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With the new director in, rumors suggest that the official release date will be earlier than January 2018. However, Stopru reports that the release date for the movie remains unconfirmed. Yet it could tentatively arrive between Nov. 2, 2018 and February 14, 2019.

Furthermore, the sequel will include other Marvel characters like Cable and Domino. Actors who could play the role of Cable includes Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Stephen Lang and Jon Hamm.