It appears that Deadpool 2 is closer to securing its new mutant, Cable. If Fox had their way, it will be someone very familiar to the majority of the viewing public. Reports say Liam Neeson is the studio’s favorite to play the part. However, how does he fare against another candidate?

In terms of odds, it seems Neeson is in pretty good shape.

Firstly, he is the star that the studio wants. That alone gives him an edge over other names in the running. Even though the creative team would want an entirely different actor, the studio can still make the final call.

Secondly, Neeson also fits the part perfectly, given his long list of previous characters. His notable roles include playing Bryan Mills in Taken, Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace and Zeus in Clash of the Titans.

On paper this may sound like Neeson already got the part if he says yes. However, according to MovieWeb, director Tim Miller wants another person for the part. The source names Kyle Chandler as someone considered for the role. Among his notable roles are starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in Broken City and as Patrick Denham in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The source relays the information from Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez. He talked about the choices for Cable in his tweets.

Deadpool 2 cast and the ‘star’ dilemma

If choices be narrowed down to two, Neeson and Chandler would have a 50 percent chance each. Neeson is the studio’s bet, while Chandler is the director’s. The decision that remains is whose opinion shall prevail. The next installment to the blockbuster hit won’t come out until January 2018, but a decision must be made soon enough.

As in these cases, fans offer valuable insight into the situation.

In one of Gonzalez’s tweets, a fan replied saying that Ryan Reynolds is an enough ‘star’ for a movie.

True enough, Reynolds indeed is. He carried Deadpool in a way that nobody can imagine another person doing it. Arguably, his portrayal made the film the best superhero movie of the year. However, others saw Fox’s motivation on eyeing Neeson.

According to some, the studio may be thinking ahead for X Force.

Still, many people doesn’t neglect the fact that Chandler is a star of his own, too. Based on other tweets, many are in agreement that he will fit perfectly with Reynolds and that Miller is considering the right person.

Whatever the truth may be remains unknown. However, without an official announcement, these information remain rumors.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on Deadpool 2.