President Obama has declared the flash flood in Louisiana as state emergency. The federal government has declared a major disaster for the state. Authorities and meteorologists are describing the floods as historic and the worst seen in the region.

Numerous roads and bridges were closed across the region over the weekend. The state emergency agency reported that around 400 houses were damaged in Mississippi.

Three people in Louisiana and 1 in Oklahoma died during the thunderstorm while two fishermen are still missing in Mississippi. The emergency management office in Louisiana warned that the crisis is not over yet. It informed the public that as of this writing, 5000 houses have been  damaged, as reported by  Meanwhile, the Louisiana National Guard confirmed that it had rescued more than 3,200 people and 300 pets.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana National Guard confirmed that it had rescued more than 3,200 people and 300 pets.

The federal government has assigned the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide federal disaster assistance in the areas affected by the thunderstorms, this is from the Office of Governor John Bel Edwards.

FEMA confirmed that the funding will go to individuals affected in Bossier, Claiborne, Morehouse, Richland, Grant, Ouachita, and Webster parishes, reported

The governor met the officials and residents of Merryville, Louisiana, where river levels have reached record high after the rain.

Mayor David Eaves said, “We’re not out of a crisis situation right now. …. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get a lot worse, but I’m not making any promises.”

The state emergency management office echoed the same warning. The officials said in a statement that they had urged everyone to be cautious especially in the areas where flood water remained. They also informed residents that the National Weather Service predicted thunderstorms and potentialities of severe weather in Northwest Louisiana. And authorities believed this might cause even more problems.

The statement added, “Other problems with rivers and bayous are causing new problems to develop.”

Last January Melbourne has also witnessed  the same kind of intense rain and flooding.