The upcoming episode 4 Dead of Summer will be an interesting scoop for those viewers who would love to explore Drew’s character more.  While Dead of Summer spoilers drop major hints on Drew’s past in the next installment, actress Zelda Williams expressed her worries in playing the character.

Williams plays Drew in this Freeform series. She is one of the camp counselors. Drew is a transgender character with a mysterious past. Being a woman essaying the role of a transgender man is not a walk in the park. The young actress is apprehensive as to whether she can do justice in portraying the character on screen.  Zelda is also fearful as to how Drew will be perceived by the transgender community.

Dead of Summer episode 4 titled ‘Modern Love’ has a major chunk to offer about Drew’s mystifying past.  The synopsis for the episode highlights flashbacks featuring Drew who is being haunted by his past.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zelda Williams conveyed:

“The thing I’m most terrified about is the transgender community being insulted by him. It’s great that [the public] will get to learn about a male-identifying transgender character as a lead in an ensemble show, but really, more than anything, he is for the transgender community because they don’t ever get to see him.” She added: “I hope that they’re happy with him because I’m proud of him… I’ m really excited for people to see who he is.”

Earlier, she also pointed out how she and Drew are alike. In her words:  “I’m not a girly girl. I have never been. I had a shaved head for six years.”

Despite the fact that the actress is comfortable playing the role, she says she still makes sure that she’s careful with how she portrays Drew. Williams also said that while she can’t control how Drew’s story would carry on, she can ensure that her portrayal of him is honest and just.

Apart from getting a hint of what Drew’s life was, as per the Dead of Summer  spoilers,  fans will see a bit more of how Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell) is connected to the Satanic cult and how she will try to hide the weird things that have been happening at Camp Stillwater, reports  Fashion&Style.

For more Dead of Summer spoilers, stay tuned. Dead of Summer  airs Tuesdays, 9 p.m. on Freeform.