As the release date for Freeform’s “Dead of Summer,” is nearing, the creators are dishing out new updates. Here is the revelation of the cast and their characters in the upcoming show. We also picked three characters from the list for you to start rooting. Based on their past success, it can be assumed that these stars might prove to be the major attractions of “Dead of Summer.”

#1 Elizabeth Mitchell– She is an Emmy-nominated American actress known for her role as Doctor Juliet Burke on the ABC series Lost. Other than that, she wowed her fans as the female lead Charlene Roan in “The Purge.”  In “Dead of Summer” viewers will see Mitchell as Deb, the owner of Camp Stillwater.

Elizabeth Mitchell Plays Deb on Dead of Summer Season 1

#2 Zelda Williams– Being the daughter of legendary actor Robbie Williams, acting talent is rooted in Zelda Williams’ genes. ‘Like father like daughter’, she has also amazed the audience with her onscreen prowess.  Best known for her voicing work as Amaya Blackstone in video game series “King’s Quest”, now Zelda Williams plays Drew in “Dead of Summer.” Drew is another camp counsellor who has a mystery to it that viewers would have to explore.

Zelda Williams Plays Drew on Dead of Summer Season 1

#3 Elizabeth Lail– This is another name to be counted on for the show’s success. Lail has become a dearest actor among her fans by playing the role of Anna in the adventure fantasy television series “Once Upon a Time.” In “Dead of Summer” Amy will be played by Elizabeth Lail. Amy is the new camp counsellor at Stillwater and the one to detect the disturbing things going on in the camp.

Elizabeth Lail Plays Amy on Dead of Summer Season 1

Check out the rest of the cast details:

Eli Goree will be seen as Joel, a Camp Stillwater returnee, who believes that many unexpected incidents are taking place in the camp.   Deputy Garrett-Sykes is played by Alberto Frezza who will investigate the uncanny things happening in the camp.

The other cast members who play students  of the camps are  Mark Indelicato (Blair Ramos), Amber Coney (Cricket Diaz), Paulina Singer (Jessie Tyler), Ronen Rubenstein (Alex Powell), and Zachary Gordon (Blotter).

Fashion&Style reports that while it’s easy to dismiss the show as a slasher, considering its setting, its creators say it’s far from it.

As assured by the creators “Dead of Summer” will feature deaths. However, they won’t kill the characters every now and then. Each death will hold justified ground.

“Dead of Summer” premieres June 28 on Freeform.