To prepare you for Monday’s episode, our Days of Our Lives  spoilers indicate that things will take an unexpected turn for Hope (Kristian Alfonso) as someone from her past comes back to haunt her.

Hope and Rafe (Galen Gerig) are finally opening themselves up to each other and are beginning to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship for the two of them. Rafe had confessed her feelings for Hope, after which they shared a passionate kiss.

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After Rafe leaves Hope, her seemingly perfect night turns bad. She is distraught to see an unexpected person barge back into her life. Hope was surprised to see that Aidan (Daniel Cosgrove) is back and very much alive. For so long, Hope thought Aidan was already dead. Things didn’t end up well between them, so naturally Aidan’s return caused fear and shock to Hope.

Going back, Aidan was thought to have died by gunshot during his and Hope’s wedding night, Enstarz reports. Aidan was planning to kill Hope in order to collect her insurance money which he would use to pay off what he owed to Stefano and Andre.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celebrity Laundry, Hope immediately takes action and fights off Aidan to save her life. She draws out her gun and tries to arrest him for attempted murder. But Aidan tries to talk Hope out of it, saying that he doesn’t mean to harm Hope. He just wants to explain himself for what went down during their wedding. However, Hope is already too frightened to entertain a private chit chat with him.

Aidan is taken to the police station where he refuses to speak to Roman (Josh Taylor) and Rafe. Hope eventually decides to hear out Aidan since she needs to know the truth herself.

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Aidan will reveal that it wasn’t him who tried to kill Hope during the wedding, but a lookalike whom Andre hired to execute the deed. Andre knocked him unconscious during the wedding when he said he will not push through with the plan because he loves Hope too much to kill her.

Hope is still a bit suspicious about Aidan’s story, but there’s no certainty as to where their relationship will go from there. Will they put the past behind and get back together or will Hope choose to stay with Rafe? Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays-Fridays on NBC.