David Klemmer, a bulldog prop has been accused of contrary conduct-grade 1 at the Pepper Stadium.

He is facing a two-week ban  after placing his hands on the referee Ben Cummins during his side’s defeat of the Panthers on Thursday night, reports Daily Telegraph.

The incident happened during the 55th minute of the match the 22-year-old Australian football player protested to Cummins about the tackle that left five-eighth Josh Reynolds struggling to get off the deck, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The report also stated that he stopped the advancing Cummins in an attempt to divert his attention to a Josh Reynolds, who took a legal hit to the back in the lead-up and was crumpled in back-play.

Klemmer does not seem to be out of the woods as he has already faced one-day suspension earlier. Klemmer was hit with a three-game suspension after using abusive language against the Rabbitohs last year. He used indecent words against the referee Gerard Sutton, yelling “you’re off your f***ing face” after a heated call.

With the current accusations, Klemmer will miss just two matches with an early plea but will face a two-game ban if he defends and loses because of carryover points.

He also has 40 carry-over points.

According to TVNZ a grade one contrary conduct charge draws a base penalty of 125 points, meaning unless Klemmer fights the charge, his total 277 points will incur a two-week suspension.

Despite the controversy, the Australian star wants to be role model for his sons. An earlier report by Sydney Morning Herald stated Klemmer is his son’s hero, and with his little man now watching his every move, the Canterbury enforcer knows he has a standard to uphold.

“Kids need good role models in their life,” Klemmer said.