The David Jones Fashion Show launched its Spring/Summer collection via a runway show that featured its stunning ambassadors Jesinta Campbell, Jessica Gomes and Gemma Ward.

All eyes were on this year’s David Jones Fashion Show collection. However, the attention quickly moved to the amazing figures of the three Australian models. The visual treat likely helped shut off thoughts of the dismal weather and the heavy downpour outside Fox Studios. The clothes certainly showed off their summer-ready bodies. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how the David Jones’ ambassadors got ready for the show? The three women spill their secrets—from their diet regimen to fitness routines—with News Corp. Australia.

1. It is no wonder that Jesinta Campbell is on the list of the Top 10 sexiest Australians. Surprisingly, her secret is not new to everyone. Yet it is a tall order for many to follow.

“I try and live as healthy as possible all year round. I try and project a really healthy body image. My aim is not to be a size four model on the runway, and I think that’s really important to represent a healthy body image. I eat lots of greens and really good-quality protein and work out as much as possible,” Jesinta revealed.

2. Jessica Gomes advocates sleeping and eating well. Moreover, starving one’s self is nonsense for this David Jones ambassador.

3. Both Jesinta and Jessica practice Pilates. Hence, it could be an exercise worth exploring given the results seen from the two ladies.

4. Pregnancy with her second child did not stop Gemma Ward from participating at the David Jones Fashion Show this year. However, it did require her to alter her workouts a bit in preparation for the event. Thus, she did yoga and walks on the beach as well as a few laps in the pool.

5. Gemma went through her fair share of cravings as expected. She eats depending on what her body needs. However, her practice of a healthy lifestyle makes it possible for her to do her job as a model at the David Jones Fashion Show 2016.