In 2014, Victoria Beckham opened a £3 million (about AU$6 million) high-end fashion store in London’s posh Mayfair. The luxurious shop had a VIP area with pricey goods and was decorated with artwork by British designer Damien Hirst. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Victoria’s couture collection made a turnover of £34 million (AU$64 million), and she won the ‘Brand of the Year’ award at the British Fashion Awards.

But after a disappointing financially tough year, the designer brand lost £3.8 million (AU$7.29 million). Luckily, the ex-Spice Girl is married to the highest paid former sportsman in the word due to his deals with companies like Adidas, H&M, and Breitling, and he was nice enough to step in and help.

According to an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, David Beckham has reportedly given his wife £5.2 million (AU$9.98 million) to push through the difficult time. Chartered accountant and tax lecturer Robert Leach told The Sun newspaper that it is a transfer of operations between companies owned by Victoria and David. Essentially, “the couple are simply moving the profits between themselves.”

Last year, Forbes magazine reported that David was worth more than £50.8 million (AU$95 million). As Victoria’s company made a net loss, David’s companies made a profit of £12.7 million (AU$22 million). According to a Fairfax Media video posted by the Sydney Morning Herald, the Beckham family has a net worth of half a billion pounds – which is more than Queen Elizabeth herself.

According to Yahoo, on Mother’s Day in the UK one week ago, David used Instagram to pay a touching tribute to his “amazing” spouse, praising and thanking her for giving him “amazing children.” Now, the 40-year-old heartthrob has bailed out her fashion empire. We think he deserves some sort of ‘Celebrity Husband of the Year’ award! What do you think?