VH1 stripped down dating game show Dating Naked is on with its third season. This time, the show features two daters David Dees and Natalie Jensen. A recent sneak peek for the upcoming episode shows an argument between Willie and Zakk Evans which leads Natalie to question everything. Will she believe Willie and choose him over Zakk?

The last episode titled as “Two Faces and Suitcases” showed Natalie’s experience with Zakk ends on a funny note.   Zaak sings his heart out to her but she lets him know, his songs are a little on the cheesy side.  However, despite her doubts, Natalie chooses to keep Zakk because of their strong spark and chemistry.

The channel drops a sneak peek at the next episode. The clip features Zakk confronting Willie by calling him a liar.  When Willie reacts to Zakk’s allegation, the atmosphere becomes tense. Finally, it causes Natalie to question everything. Now Willie’s reactions stir up the confusion about Natalie’s decision. Will she believe Willie and go for him instead of Zakk in the next episode?

Let us explore How the Fans’ React to it:


As they say, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” The authentic self of a person only comes out in due course of time. With some, the process takes longer than expected.  While on “Dating Naked” season 3, the search for love continues, everything does not look like falling into place. If the bloopers on the show are to be judged, we would say each of the suitors has got a fifty-fifty chance of winning the heart of Natalie.

With two weeks of dating, both the daters Natalie and David are witnessing the true colors of their dates.  The show is unmasking these contenders’ shocking ugly side. The latest boozing session has helped greatly to explore the unknown. No doubt, Natalie, and David are experiencing their own share of bitterness on Dating Naked season 3.

Stay tuned to Dated Naked airs on Wednesday 9/8c on VH1, to discover the fate of Natalie’s love life.