A paraplegic man in Darwin has become the proud father of a baby girl. The baby, who is actually the first baby to born this year in Darwin, was born via IVF using the father’s sperm.

Paul McKenzie has been a paraplegic for 21 years. He broke his neck in an accident, resulting to paralysis from his waist down, the ABC reports. “When I broke my neck there was a visiting Chinese doctor, and he removed the sperm from me at the time and it’s been frozen since,” Paul stated.

Paul met the future mother of his child, Jessica Parker, in a spinal cord unit in Melbourne 18 months ago. Jessica was working as a photographer while Paul was working as a peer support worker. The couple decided to have a baby so they underwent IVF, which only took once to work. While watching fireworks on television at around 9 PM, Jessica felt something and noticed that her water broke.

The couple then went to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where their baby girl, named Eleven Parker McKenzie was born at 1:20 PM on January 1. They have been thinking of this name for a while now but when the hospital workers admitted them in room 11, they knew that Eleven is the right name for their daughter.

The parents are glad that their daughter would always have a public holiday for her birthday. They hope that Eleven would grow up be a good person and do great things as a Darwin resident. “There’s been some misadventures along the way with it, keeping track of it and those sorts of things, but here we are in 2017, and this is the end result of that way back then,” Paul added. “It’s been a long journey, a really long journey, with a lot of broken hearts and a lot of tears… but to be here now is amazing, so I couldn’t be happier.”