Star Wars fans need not worry as more content are coming for the franchise’s vast universe. Aside from upcoming films Rogue One and Star Wars 8, another film that joins the roster is the Darth Vader VR movie.

The Verge was first to report on this development. According to the source, the announcement was made on one of the Star Wars Celebration event panels. The yearly event was held over the weekend in London.

At this point, not much is known about the upcoming movie, but we relay what we know below via The Verge.

Darth Vader VR movie details

1. People involved

One of the sure things of the project is David S. Goyer’s involvement. Known for screenwriting The Dark Knight trilogy as well as Batman v Superman, Goyer helms the Darth Vader film project. Although it appears that creating the narrative for the film is still a long way to go, The Verge reports that the film fits as a “series canon”.

2. Release date

The Darth Vader VR project is unlike any other outing in the Star Wars franchise. Unlike a film or a video game, the VR project aims at providing a more immersive experience for audiences. Hence, the amount of time it will take to wrap the final output will be long. If development takes on a fast pace, the Darth Vader film may release on 2018-2020.

3. Plot details

Since viewers experiences more in the VR platform than an average film or video game, viewers are also the center of the story. Goyer says that the audience is not only a visitor in the story, but a key player as well. Through this, viewers can affect how the story goes.

4. Platform

Virtual reality is at the center of this project. Hence, Goyer focuses more on tailoring the experience for viewers. Regarding the platform, Goyer was quoted by The Verge in saying:

“The difference between cinema and television and VR — particularly with the fidelity that [the xLab] team is working on — is that you really feel like you’re there. The sense of presence isn’t just a buzzword.”

Stay tuned for more details on the Darth Vader VR movie project.