Those who cannot get enough of “Dark Souls 3” will be delighted to hear that a new “Dark Souls” comic book series has been confirmed to be released.

In a report by Game Spot, it is revealed that the publisher Titan Comics is in the process of creating a “Dark Souls” comic book series which is eyed for an April 2016 launch. The website details that instead of adapting the story line of the game, the new comic book series will feature new stories.

The men in-charge to bring the franchise into paper are Alan Quah and George Mann. Game Spot credits Quah as the artistic hand behind the art for “Godzilla: Awakening” while Mann’s credentials is best highlighted with his work on “Doctor Who” novels.

Aside from his writing skills, another characteristic that makes Mann suitable for the job is his love for the “Dark Souls” games. With regard his admiration for the games, Game Spot quotes Mann in saying:

“Dark Souls has a rich, original universe that’s just begging to be explored in comics, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to delve in and tell some new stories within it.”

Mann being a fan boy of “Dark Souls” is one assurance that the comic book series is good hands.

In terms of how the world of “Dark Souls” functions, Gizmodo had this to say about the game:

” […] the series is beloved for its obtuse storytelling and world-building mechanics, relying on the player to divine information about the world around them through the people and creatures they encounter, rather than a linear story.”

Based on this description, the website discusses that Mann’s work on the comics has the strong possibility to be loyal to the source material — like staying true to its mythology.

The first installment in the comic series will hit shelves on April 6 this year. This release date is only a few days before “Dark Souls 3” launches on April 12.