While ardent gamers are eagerly awaiting for “Dark Souls 3” to arrive, Bandai Namco has gone ahead and launched a new trailer to give fans a good look into what’s to come.

According to report on Polygon, the trailer reveals new gameplay and bosses that avid gamers may encounter. It depicts players facing various monsters who happen to be quite huge. But what may catch every gamers attention is the background score employed for the clip. It is a melancholic rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s ballad “True Colors.” And it only seems apt when the trailer announces, “Many will fall, but those who stay the course will discover the darkness within.”

Take a look at the trailer here:

Recently, gamers also received a sneak-peek into some of the weapons that they can get hold of.  These include a long sword as well as a scimitar. As noted by GameSpot, the preview shared by game developer FromSoftware, depicted some of the weapons from the armoury. Naturally so, with the amazing capabilities being shared, it was bound to further amp up the excitement surrounding the highly-anticipated third instalment.

In an interview with GameSpot, franchise creator Hidetaka Miyazaki commenting on the title, shared, “Dark Souls is my life’s work.” He added, “Everything I came up with for Dark Souls 3 is based on my personal preferences. However, Dark Souls 3 is also actually the turning point for the franchise.” On whether he would be undertaking new projects, Miyazaki said, “I do want to work on something new.” He shared, “I’m pleased to hear people are interested in seeing that.”

Well, the trailer only makes the wait that much harder but with another month to go before the D-days arrives, more details are bound to surface and fans can keep coming back for more.

“Dark Souls 3” is expected to be rolled out on April 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.