Get a chance to see early gameplay videos of four different weapon styles from Dark Souls 3.

According to GameSpot, the game’s developer FromSoftware presented some preview gameplay of few of the many weapons that players can use in the anticipated third installment of the dark fantasy action franchise. The exhibition was live streamed during a demo in PAX Prime by two Japanese personalities.

A certain Giuseppe Nelva was able to document the live streams which he later made available for everyone to see by uploading the brutal action sequences in Youtube. As reported in DualShockers, every video has about 3 minutes play time to show what each weapon is capable of.

Part 1 features the Long Sword which appears to have a stance that’s ready to deliver a strong forward thrust. For all weapons, players will be able to switch between sword and board stance or wield the weapon in a two-handed manner.

Part 2 introduces the Scimitar weapon which showcases a flashier swordplay compared to other weapons. The curved saber involves a combination of spin and slash moves.

The demo participants used the Great Sword for the third part of the Dark Souls 3 live stream. It can be observed that the large blade is used defensively and, if timed accurately, will send the enemy flying in the air.

The last two parts of the demo shows the capabilities of the Mace weapon. The blunt weapon has an initial move that makes the character glow which is assumed to improve a certain aspect, perhaps defense or offense or even both.

Season Pass for Dark Souls 3 was made available for purchase last February 16 for Xbox marketplace and Steam. The action adventure game is slated for release on April 12 for all formats. However, Japanese players will be able to get the game earlier than others on March 24.