If you just can’t wait for “Dark Souls III” to arrive so you can prepare to die for another round, then why not take the action with you? Dark Souls, one of the most brutal video game series on the face of the planet, has spawned a spin-off designed for Android and iOS devices. Entitled “Slashy Souls,” the latest mobile game from Bandai Namco games feature the spiked up difficulty of the original series, albeit with clunky controls and legendary 16-bit graphics.

“Slashy Souls” is an endless runner game that features two-dimensional pixel versions of the main series’ enemies, locations, weapons, and armors. Furthermore, the game doesn’t offer some hand holding to help you learn the ropes. You don’t get any instructions or any on-screen prompts to do certain actions. The main series of “Dark Souls” at least provides you some cues or actions to do during the onset of the game.

“Why Wait? Die Today! Defeat Monsters, drink potions, and die on your own time in Slashy Souls. GameStop and Bandai Namco present a free game inspired by the world of Dark Souls III. Play the hardest game ever, Slashy Souls,” reads the game’s description.

Bandai Namco also emphasises that while “Slashy Souls” draws inspiration from “Dark Souls,” it’s not in anyway connected or tied to the main series. While it features the same atmospheric theme including the high difficulty, From Software didn’t develop the mobile game.

According to Polygon, Bandai Namco worked in partnership with video game retailer giant GameStop on the mobile game. “Slashy Souls” blatantly advertises and encourages its users to actually pre-order the upcoming third installment, “Dark Souls III” at GameStop.

“Slashy Souls” is a free mobile game for Android and iOS devices. It may be one of Bandai Namco’s ways market “Dark Souls III” that is slated for a March 24, 2016 release in Japan and April 12, 2016 worldwide, but at least that’s keeping the hype up.