Good news for Dark Souls fans as “Dark Souls 3” PC Crash Temporary Fixes have been finally discovered.

Ever since the release of “Dark Souls 3” numerous players encountered the crashing problem at the very “first bonfire”, as reported by Gamespot.

While a temporary fix was discovered when the bug was brought to publisher Bandai Namco’s attention, reports stated that a more permanent fix might be made available soon.

Users on Steam discussed the issue and the website answered to the much awaited solution.

Here is the detailed version of the post. 

You know that feeling when you’re out of estus and you finally stumble across a bonfire? That feeling of relief? Well, if you’re like many of us, you don’t. The reason being, that you’re crashing when you approach the bloody thing. Some users are experiencing CTDs when approaching the bonfires. From Software is aware of this and has stated that the issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Apparently the “CTD” was caused by a bug in the “lighting”. There aren’t really any details but if your “Lighting” settings are set above LOW you have a chance to crash when approaching a bonfire.

Therefore, the fix is, thankfully (most of the time) as simple as swapping your Lighting option (in advanced settings) to LOW. This has fixed the issue for myself and a few friends. Hopefully it will help you too. Below, are a few screenshots showing the setting that you need to swap and how the game looks with the lighting set to LOW. It still looks great but hopefully From Software will resolve the issue shortly.

UPDATE: Apparently if you wear a full helmet (a helmet that completely conceals your character’s face/hair) you won’t crash when approaching bonfires, even with your Lighting setting on MEDIUM, HIGH, or MAX.

Here is the source of the fix – Game Revolution