Now that “Dark Souls 3” has finally arrived, hardcore fans are already preparing their avatars in vanquishing evil on their adventure. Still, there are some who are new to the game and having a hard time picking their preferred class.

Fortunately, GameSpot shared a guide that will help players in picking which character class will suit them better.


This is helpful for newbies, as it has enough vitality to survive some brutal attacks especially when player made some errors on their attacks. This has good stats for casting some spells that can be used for certain battles.


Though weaker than a Knight, this class is complemented with great speed and agility that is specialized in dealing moderate damage and faster attack speed. Mercenaries are great when dual wielding.


If you are looking for brute and raw strength, the Warriors is a top choice, it may not have a higher vitality than a Knight, but it has better strength to deal massive damage.


These are hybrids of magic and melee that give out a balanced playstyle for veteran players. Heralds use Miracle magic that focuses on Faith spells such as lightning attacks, heals and stat buffs. They are also experts with spears.


Similar to Heralds but more on Sorceries that depends on Intelligence and range attacks, they are great to use when attacking from a distance.


Despite being lightly geared and only recommended for hardcore players, thieves are good in evading and maneuvering on target enemies to deal critical damage.


These are more reliable to magic and are deadly when fighting from a distance. But sorcerers can handle any enemies charging at close range by using melee weapons.


Though more specializing in healing abilities, clerics also have high strength and faith that allow them to use high-level Miracle magic and deal massive damage.


Another physical/magic hybrid class that is proficient in flame attacks, and it is dependent to your equipment rather than your stats.


The most hardcore class in the game as it basically starts with a balanced build and lacks any equipment. This may be difficult to use from the start but this is the best class to build when you want to create a much powerful character from scratch.


Can’t wait to try out which class best suits you? Let us know your experience and share them in the comments below. “Dark Souls 3” is already available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.