The Dark Souls franchise is all about slaying demons and surviving behemoths and the undead with hellish difficulties that will make one throw the game controller. But this time, a new promotion was created where fans will put aside their swords and shield and survive in devouring spicy chicken wings. GamesRadar shares the story about this extreme chicken wings promotion. Yes, you heard that right, as a bizarre cross-promotion for “Dark Souls 3” where UK residents can avail for the Dark Souls Wing Challenge at the MEATliquor restaurant starting from April 4 to 29. According to the press release at

According to the press release at Bandai Namco, the challenge lets you eat twenty extremely spicy chicken wings and you must consume it as fast as you can. Because it is every spicy, you will be reminded of how hard Dark Souls was.

It has also given a warning that the spice was extremely hot. The chefs are required to use protective gloves and goggles when preparing them. Customers are also needed to wear protective gloves when they consume the spicy wings and even sign a waiver before participating.

The next question will be what will the survivors get after consuming all of the super spicy wings? Those who survive the onslaught will each receive a t-shirt with the “I Survived” text on it while the winner with the fastest time from each restaurant branch will receive a PlayStation 4 console and a copy of “Dark Souls 3” Collector’s Edition. The grand winner with the fastest time of all will also get a “Dark Souls 3” Prestige Edition.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with such an exciting food group as MEATliquor, whose famous food, individual approach and adventurous challenges have clearly captured the interest of food enthusiasts all across the U.K.,” said Lee Kirton, PR & marketing director of Bandai Namco Entertainment UK. “’Dark Souls 3′ challenges players to overcome the odds – and we hope everyone will also enjoy the challenge of overcoming these incredibly hot wings.”

For more details about the restaurant, head on to the MEATliquor website.