A week and a half ago, Marvel and Netflix dropped the first trailer of the upcoming season of “Daredevil” and trailer number two dropped today. The latest clip definitely does not disappoint.

The second trailer reveals why Elektra is back in Matt Murdock’s life and teases about all the fighting scenes that the viewers should expect for the upcoming season.

Played by Elodie Yung on the TV series, Elektra Natchios is a main character — an assassin and Matt Murdock’s antihero soul mate.

Observer Culture noted that viewers got their first hint of an Elektra appearance on “Daredevil” in an off-hand comment from college-aged Foggie, about a “Greek girl” Matt used to date. In comic book canon, Matt and Elektra did first meet at Colombia college, in an incident where Matt followed Elektra’s scent into a park and got arrested for trespassing. I don’t know.

According to Marvel Universe Wiki, Elektra has a past dotted with a minimum of one savagely murdered parent, anger issues, and extensive martial arts training as a young child. Heartbroken with the death of this parents, she left to join the secret organization of martial artists headed by Stick, who was also Murdock’s sensei.

In the two and a half minute video, audiences also got their first real taste on one of Marvel’s most beloved anti-heroes, Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher (who, in the show, is played by The “Walking Dead’s” Jon Bernthal).

Based on the second trailer, in this take, it’s clear The Punisher is being presented as a problem to the devil of hell’s kitchen and the law enforcement entities that protect it.

Other notable things to be expected in the second season are the Dogs of Hell that were last seen in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hand, a secret order of ninjas devoted to assassination and domination through fear, as well as maybe Nobu, who supposedly burned in the first season but his whip made an appearance before the trailer ended.


Daredevil season two premieres on Netflix on March 18.