Daniel Radcliffe felt proud working on a new film “Now You See Me: The Second Time” or simply called as “Now You See Me 2.” Yet it seems his fans aren’t excited at all.

The “Harry Potter” star seems to have opened his roles on rogue characters on films. One of the most recognizable was his villain role in “Now You See Me 2” with Mike Ruffalo.

According to Pop Sugar, he is known as the lead wizard in the “Harry Potter” series. Similarly, in the film, he is still a wizard.

It might sound boring, however, as this time, he is a wizard of technology named Walter Mabry, a member of the group of modern magicians known for their masterful illusions.

The Guardian supported the claim by stating the plot itself is just another copy or somewhat like a cousin of the prequel.

The audience could not find anything more interesting than those in the first film, the report said.

What the new film missed was under-using the original, lone female illusionist from the bunch of comedic talents in the “Now You See Me” original movie.

If Isla Fisher’s role was used in the film, plus, Daniel Radcliffe’s witty villainous character, it would have been a blast.

Another sad part of the “Now You See Me 2” was the “oh-okay” feeling with the do-or-die mission between Mabry’s Four Horsemen who were seen flying through the air.

It was not thrilling at all based from the review made by the source.

They also added that it sounded like the incoming director Jon M. Chu, known for Step Up dance films, was not able to impress the audience that well.

Perhaps this affected how Daniel Radcliffe’s role was presented in “Now You See Me 2.”

Pop Sugar previously cited that the actor’s role was pretty big and created much trouble for the main characters.

In fact, there were four main descriptions given why they could consider him as the new rascal in Hollywood films.

Daniel Radcliffe, known for his innocent, smart roles, now became the film’s main villain. All throughout “Now You See Me 2” film, the audience could see how crazy and mad he can be.

The next thing fans should take note of from his role is the fact that he is Arthur Tressler’s son who disappeared from the prequel.

In the new film, he wants payback for his dad’s suffering and bankruptcy. Walter Mabry’s mysterious character made him enlist the Four Horsemen to help him pull off the greatest heist.

He planned to use these Four Horsemen to crack the code by stealing the chip. He can even incite them to hypnosis and send them to Macau to get everything he wanted.

The last but the most interesting part of Daniel Radcliffe’s new character was his ability to create fake deaths.

Given this another “Harry Potter” wizard role, Daniel Radcliffe’s character in the movie might not sound boring at all since this time, he was the villain.

The audience didn’t see him as a villain but more of a crying baby in his “Horns” film.

Many seems to anticipate more challenging roles for the actor. 

Would the audience finally see him more as villain in the next set of films? Stay tuned for more updates!