The 22-year-old singer Ariana Grande had been suggesting that her third album, Dangerous Woman, will soon come out after teasing new material.

After months of anticipation, Grande’s latest album, Dangerous Woman, is nearly here. It will be out on May 20.

Grande’s fans know one thing: that the new LP is going to be a remarkable record. Here are 5 things you must know about the album.

The new album title refers to what she is right now

On Feb. 29, Grande talked about Dangerous Woman with her fans on video chat. There she explained why she changed the title of the album.

Moonlight is a lovely song and it’s a lovely title,” she said. “It’s really romantic, and it definitely ties together, the old music and the new music, but Dangerous Woman is a lot stronger. I want to be empowering my fans.”

The name Dangerous Woman wasn’t the first choice

Moonlight was the first name, according to Grande. The name was revealed while she was teasing about the latest record, says Entertainment Weekly.

Grande said that she had changed her mind, on Snapchat. This was about two weeks before the first single, Dangerous Woman, was released.

The album is not just about the songs but also a fresh sound

“It sits in its own world,” she said. “It doesn’t sound like anything that I’ve put out before.”

On the same video chat, Grande affirmed that she is taking a very “mature direction” as an artist and with the album, says Hollywood Life.

The 15-track-album will have 3 collaborations

Details about who are the featured artists on the new album have not yet been disclosed. There is no information regarding the release of a deluxe version with more songs in it.

Grande will perform two songs from her upcoming album on SNL

On March 12, Grande will be at SNL hosting the show and would also indulge in promotions for her album as the musical guest.

She’ll be singing the title track, Dangerous Woman, and another song Be Alright in between skits and gags.