A witness addressed the court in the Charbaji brothers murder trial and described how he heard victim Dane McNeill scream and beg for his life before he was attacked and killed.

The incident took place in a southwestern Sydney home in July 2014, where the Charbajo brothers beat, stabbed and set the body of McNeill on fire. Witness Brendon Gallo admitted that he was “scared for his life” so he was not able to raise his voice against what was happening nor could he report the incident to the police. He said that he helped the suspects in stuffing the dead body of the victim in a suitcase before setting it on fire in Picnic Point.

The witness also told the court that he, along with McNeill and the two Charbaji brothers, Haysem and Azam, smoked ice. The 21-year-old witness said that he consumed the drug thrice more between July 18 and 20, 2014. The consumption of drugs took place in two Sydney homes where his friend MacNeill was kept hostage, he added. He also said that the brothers made their victim consume drug forcefully.

When Azam Charbaji’s lawyer Keith Chapple SC cross-examined Gallo, he said that he remained outside the laundry floor of a southwestern Sydney’s Heckenburg flat throughout the night. “You could have left the Heckenburg flat and walked out the door … You have access in and out, correct … You could have left and got him help, medical help, police help, isn’t that right?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes it is,” Gallo replied as quoted by News.com.au.

Haysem’s then-girlfriend Lexy May Jamieson has also been charged with acting as an accessory after the murder. She was not only informed about the murder but also advised of the disposal of the body. She is also suspected of helping the murderers clean up the crime scene. All three suspects, however, have pleaded not guilty of McNeill’s murder.

Earlier to this, the court also heard that the brothers assaulted McNeill because he refused to repay the loan he borrowed from them.