“Dancing With the Stars” Season 22 contestant Nyle DiMarco is a very unique competitor – he’s completely deaf. DiMarco is working with dance pro Peta Murgatroyd who has never trained a deaf person before. According to Inquisitr, Murgatroyd is learning to be more visual in her instruction. “If I’m talking about feet sliding across the floor,” she said, “I’m going to touch the floor and like paint the floor with my hand so he knows exactly how I’m describing things.”

Despite his obvious challenge, the 26-year-old DiMarco believes that he’s a serious contender on the show and has never seen his deafness as a barrier. He will rely on sight to observe Murgatroyd’s rhythm, timing and body language in order to achieve success. “You dance with your body. You don’t need language to communicate. For the dance, I think visual communication is what’s important,” he told Inquisitr.

As he competes on “Dancing With the Stars,” DiMarco hopes to redefine how people view dancing, according to Inquisitr. He has always been deaf along with his entire family who are the same and has learned to use other senses and skills in order to succeed. His teacher told Inquisitr that rehearsals have gone very well so far and that DiMarco has an “amazing work ethic.” DiMarco agrees that rehearsals are a lot less frustrating than what he expected.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nyle DiMarco said that his “dancing feet are pretty good” despite never having danced before. It is not the first time that he has competed on television. Last year, he won Season 22 of “America’s Next Top Model” as the show’s first deaf contestant. He told Daily Mail that there was only one time where he felt disadvantaged on the show: during the night-time photo shoot that took place in pitch black. While the other models could hear their cues, DiMarco was at a loss.