Nyle DiMarco won the sought-after Mirror Ball trophy at this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale. The model bested twelve other hopefuls with his powerful performances alongside his dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd.

The Bakersfield deaf community rejoiced at DiMarco’s personal victory for being the first deaf person to win the honour, 23ABC News reported. His achievement raised awareness of the community to the world. Moreover, it proved to the world that the deaf could do anything.

“Because he was crying, it made me cry even more because wow … he’s showing the world that we can do anything,” Barbara Mathis, an American Sign Language instructor at Bakersfield told the publication. DiMarco shared this tweet after winning.

The dancing pair gave it their all during the finale as they danced to the Disturbed’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic “The Sound of Silence,” People reported. The song was particularly meaningful to DiMarco who wrote about it on Facebook.

“My interpretation of the song is that for hundreds of years my deaf community has suffered oppression, marginalisation, and language deprivation … but now we’re starting to find hope in this new world. It is time for our soundless message to be heard, hence the Sound of Silence… It is our time,” Nyle DiMarco wrote.

Carrie Ann Inaba declared their performance as the best she’d seen this year. Her remarks touched DiMarco deeply as she delivered it in sign language, ABC News wrote. “It was really very touching and, you know, she actually took the time to learn sign language and we don’t really see that often in this world, so that really meant a lot to me and it really touched me and it really hit me right at the heart,” DiMarco revealed on “Good Morning America.”

Throughout the season, DiMarco never failed to amaze the judges despite his inability to hear the music as he danced. His partnership with Peta Murgatroyd proved to be his ace as she stepped up to the challenge of his disability.

“It’s become a passion of mine, literally, to challenge him and create amazing dances with someone who can’t hear and to make him look like he can,” she told US Weekly. Nyle DiMarco is completely deaf and relied on visual communication to learn how to dance.