The Lifetime dance reality show Dance Moms Season 6 is on. The second half of the current season is returning on September 6. Since Dance Moms Season 7 is already on the cards, can we expect to hear about the release date on September 6?

The upcoming episodes of the show won’t feature Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler and their mother, Melissa Gisoni, who parted ways with the series in May. Mackenzie Ziegler  is one of the popular child stars from Dance Moms season 6. It has been known that a Twitter account reportedly owned by a stalker named Joseph McKinstry sent out dozens of friendly tweets to her. McKinstry was arrested later for his psychotic acts.

After the departure of Melissa Gisoini and her mini team from Dance Moms Season 6’s first half, there has been a lot of drama going on at the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company). The remaining contestants look desperate enough to take on that role.  Thus, Dance Moms Season 6B has a lot drama stored to keep the viewers glued to their seats. The burgeoning success of the show might lead to an early release of Dance Moms Season 7.  Will things be clear on September 6? Well, you never know. After all, everything’s about pulling the viewership ratings.

On September 6, the reality series will see the return of The Pittsburgh coach’s mini team, as well as her original elite members. In May, Abby also slammed student JoJo Siwa because she was absent during a competition. The 13-year-old eventually left the show, which provided endless grist for the rumor mill.

Meanwhile, to spoil fans, the channel dropped a clip of the upcoming chapter of Dance Moms. Although the trailer doesn’t reveal the faces of any of the ALDC members, it does feature Abby’s voice. She expresses in an angry tone: “It is a gift to be here. Don’t take it for granted.” The fans can also hear Abby’s voice alerting the troupe full of kittens in tutus. “Everyone’s replaceable.”

Alongside Dance Moms Season 6B, Abby is already in full-swing casting for the seventh season. She has been traveling the U.S. since July to select the new stars for Dance Moms Season 7, which will start filming in the fall, reports IBT.

For more news on Dance Moms Season 7, stay tuned.