After taking the Internet by storm, is “Damn Daniel” selling his now famous white Vans?

According to Quartz, “listings for ‘damn daniels white vans’ are currently blowing up” on eBay. As of posting, there are over 230 listings for the viral star’s dirty white Vans Authentics. Quartz reports that these sneakers are even fetching “unbelievable bids.”

The bids go from $693 (US$500) to $20,927 (US$15,100). A pair of white Vans retails for only $62 (about US$45).

It is, however, unclear if any of the high bidders will actually pay up once they win. Quartz suggest that some of these bids are “probably jokes.” This violates eBay’s rules on bidding, though. “You can only bid if you really intend to buy the item, even if you’re making a non-binding bid,” the auction site reiterated in their “Rules for Buyers.”

According to Seventeen, Daniel’s friend Joshua Holz tweeted out a half-minute video of him “well, simply existing.” Holz repeatedly said, “Damn Daniel,” in the background. At one point, Holz is heard saying, “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans!” This line propelled Daniel’s sneakers into instant Internet stardom.

You have probably watched the 30 second video already, like the rest of the Internet. But in case you haven’t, you can watch it below.

As of posting, the video has been re-tweeted over 280,000 times. It has also received more than 355,000 favorites. This viral video has also inspired a pretty catchy rap song.

According to Hollywood Life, Daniel’s shirtless photo on Instagram has also become viral.


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Hollywood Life suggests that the new teen heartthrob may be “model material” too.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, an X-rated video of Simon Cowell also went viral. The video purported to show the “X Factor UK” judge in the nude. However, it was later revealed it was only a Cowell impersonator in the footage.