The Internet has been losing its cool over the “Damn Daniel” video. The vid’s star, Daniel Lara, became an instant celebrity. He gained tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He inspired a lot of memes. And now, he even has his own rap song.

According to Hollywood Life, a group of rappers decided to turn the viral video into a “catchy tune.”  Rappers Little, Teej, and LeBlanc posted the 3 1/2 minute track on Sound Cloud. Lara, his catchphrase, and his now famous white Vans were the stars of the song. You can give it a listen here. It is amazingly epic.

According to Seventeen, Daniel is a student at Riverside Polytechnic High School in California. A day after Valentine’s, his friend Joshua Holz posted a 30 second video of him “well, simply existing.” He is seen walking, smiling, and sporting some pretty casual outfits. Josh, meanwhile, was repeatedly saying, “Damn Daniel” in the background. Something about the video was reportedly “hilarious.” However, Seventeen can’t pin down what it was exactly. It could be Josh’s intonation. Or the repetition. Or Daniel’s “perfectly laid-back California style.” Whatever it was, though, “the Internet [still] had a melt down” over the video.

Meanwhile, late last month James Ross-Munro became an internet sensation. Last January, he posted a video showing how he stopped two men from robbing a fastfood joint. His video got over a million views on Facebook. He was widely lauded as a hero.

Earlier this month, an X-rated video of Simon Cowell also went viral. The video purported to show Cowell in the nude. He was even toweled down and blow dried by assistants. The Internet was outraged. But it turns out, it wasn’t actually the “X Factor UK” judge in the footage. The video was merely a sketch made by a BBC spoof show.