What’s a sign that you have reached peak viral success on the Internet? When a world famous basketball team takes the time to spoof you, of course. Considering this, “Damn Daniel” has officially reached peak viral success.

According to Sports Illustrated, the “Damn Daniel” meme must have “struck a chord” with Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson. The player tried to recreate the famous video with his surprisingly willing teammates.

The basketball superstars are seen on a plane heading home from a game, Hollywood Life suggests. In the original viral video, Daniel Lara was seen sporting some pretty rad footwear. The Lakers decided to pay homage to Lara’s shoe collection. In their version, we get a sneak peak into the team’s equally rad collection. Among the shoes featured are a pair of checkerboard Vans, a pair of white high-top Air Jordan’s, and a pair of Gucci slippers.

Larry Nance, Jr. was also featured doing his best version of the viral video’s catch phrase. However, since they were on a plane, we weren’t able to see the shoes he was wearing.

The video was first uploaded by Clarkson on Snapchat. But a fan was able to obtain a copy and post it on Twitter. You can watch the full clip below.


Aside from Clarkson and Nance, D’Angelo Russell also made a cameo in the team’s “Damn Daniel” clip.

According to Seventeen, the original “Damn Daniel” is a high school student from California. His friend Joshua Holz earlier tweeted out a 30 second video of him “well, simply existing.” At one point, Holz is heard saying, “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans!”

As of posting, Holz’ tweet has been re-tweeted over 310,000 times. It has also received more than 404,000 hearts. This viral video has also inspired a SoundCloud rap song.