Viral sensation Daniel Lara regrets his fame. Since it debuted, his video “Damn Daniel” now has an epic rap song. The LA Lakers, headed by team guard Jordan Clarkson, also took the time to spoof it.

Though he has become famous, Lara remains mysterious. His friend Tyson McCloud told HollywoodLife that Lara wants to keep it that way.

McCloud added Lara finds fame scary and “misses being normal”.

“Daniel is not the kind of guy who uses fame for attention,” McCloud revealed. “He is not used to all the attention he is getting. He said it was all kind of scary.”

“Everyone has been coming up to him at school like, ‘Daniel, Daniel! Hey, you’re Daniel!’” McCloud told the website.

Yet earlier, Lara tweeted their thanks to everyone for all the attention.

However, the price of fame hit close to home for his friend, Joshua Holz.

Holz is the person behind the camera, who repeatedly says “Damn, Daniel”. The teenager became a “swatting” victim, Fusion reported.

Law enforcement rushed to the Holz home in Riverside, California. They responded to a 1 AM call that claimed “someone at a residence on Hamilton Drive had shot their mother with an AK-47.”

Fusion explained, “Swatting is when someone reports a false, very serious crime in progress (like, say a shooting) in order to have a SWAT team storm someone’s home. It’s often been attempted on activists and celebrities, as well as popular video game streamers.”

The website added that it is also a misdemeanor.

Recently, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” invited the teenagers as guests.

The two recreated their video. This time around, they yelled, “Damn, Ellen”, HollywoodLife reported in a separate post.

A teaser for the episode showed Lara with Ellen. Their arms wrapped around one another. Holz is again behind the camera yelling, “Damn, Daniel” followed by “Damn, Ellen”.

Lara and DeGeneres raised their white shoes at the end.

Their video has also inspired many fans to make their own versions. In yet another HollywoodLife post, the website revealed some of the craziest videos.

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