It is another good day for gamers because Cyber Monday 2015 brings in a lot of great deals for Xbox One and PS4 consoles as well as other gadgets.

Forbes offer a comprehensive list of Xbox One deals from Microsoft itself and other retailers.

According to their report, the Microsoft store is offering $50 off in all Xbox One bundles and $60 gift code and a free game. The website lists “Assassin’s Creed: Unity”, “Sunset Overdrive”, and “Rare Replay” as the choices for the free game.

Forbes also share Xbox One bundles from other retailers. One, Target is said to be giving awar free EA Sports game if you buy an Xbox one console. Two, Walmart will offer Gears of War: Ultimate Edition White Xbox One bundle with an extra controller for only $299.96.

Meanwhile, in terms of PS4 Cyber Monday deals, Forbes has dedicated a separate report.

If you want to own a PlayStation TV, the website reports that Best Buy is offering it for free for the full price of the “Uncharted Collection” bundle at $349.99.

Meanwhile, Forbes also shares that “Star Wars: Battlefront” bundles are offered in both Target and Walmart. For Target’s price, the “Star Wars: Battlefront” bundle retails at $349.99. Meanwhile, Walmart’s bundle is set at $399.99 but this already includes the game, a custom controller/console ang vouchers for classic “Star Wars” games.

For a complete list of deals, you can visit Forbes’ list of Cyber Monday 2015 Deals for Xbox One and Cyber Monday 2015 Deals for PS4.

Game Rant, on the other hand, lists other deals for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii U.

The website lists Saturday night console deals as follows:

$249.99: Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set with Mario Kart 8
$284.99: Xbox One 500GB The Lego Movie Bundle
$329.99: PlayStation 4 500GB Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

Game Rant also points out that there are still ongoing console deals from Black Friday which includes the PS4 Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection Bundle (retailed at $289 with $6 shipping), the Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Bundle (retailed at $299 with $60 gift and free game), and the Wii U Super Mario Maker Deluxe Set (retailed at $299).

Destructoid also lists some deals that can be found on Antonline, eBay and Toys R Us.